GingerLife is a company that was idealized and created by three friends and partners who shared the same dream of producing and distributing healthy and quality food.

It’s used to say that it is in the crisis that great ideas and opportunities are born. Well, we created our company in the midst of this great Corona Virus pandemic crisis.

Much has been said about low and high immunity, "C" vitamin deficiency, etc. So we developed candies with natural products, including using organic ginger and also "C" vitamin.

Our goal is to distribute our products both in the National and International Markets.


It is nothing more than a type of soluble fiber found in the peels of fruits and some vegetables. Because it is rich in fiber, it is used in food production due to its numerous benefits to humans.

Pectin brings a series of benefits to our body, including the proper functioning of the digestive system, it has an important role in preventing digestive problems. Another benefit of this fiber is related to the control of blood sugar levels and the reduction of cholesterol. In addition, it provides a feeling of satiety, facilitates intestinal transit and stimulates beneficial bacteria that live in the intestine.


A vegetable native in Asia, ginger is a tuberous root used in both cooking and medicine. The plant has multiple therapeutic benefits: It has bactericidal action, it is detoxifying and it also improves the performance of the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems. Ginger is also a recognized thermogenic food, which may be able to speed up metabolism and promote the burning of body fat.

Ginger is a reference when it comes to stomach problems, as it fights nausea, gas, indigestion, nausea caused by cancer treatment and loss of appetite. It also assists in the digestion of fatty foods and protects the liver.


A vitamina C não é sintetizada pelo organismo humano, mas é indispensável para o funcionamento de nosso corpo.
Por esse motivo precisa ser obtida por meio da alimentação ou suplementação.
Tomar todos os dias essa vitamina pode trazer uma série de benefícios para quem faz uso dela.
A melhora da imunidade é uma delas, isso porque faz com que o sistema imunológico fique fortalecido ao aumentar a produção de glóbulos brancos e anticorpos. Dessa forma é capaz de impedir a atuação de vírus e bactérias no organismo, ajudando a tratar resfriados e contribuindo com o fortalecimento do sistema imunológico e fornece condições para que o organismo consiga combater mais facilmente qualquer vírus.